Security Cameras

Security cameras do more than help you keep an eye on your property. They also deter theft and vandalism, reduce injury liability and even increase employee productivity.

Security Cameras
Security Camera

IP Security Cameras

Wiring, Etc. specializes in IP (Internet Protocol) camera systems. These digital video cameras use the Internet to send and receive data. The advantages of this kind of system include:

Cameras can be added and integrated with your existing system as your company grows.

Higher Resolution
Images are clearer, even when objects are in motion, with a wider field of view.

Increased Security
Digital transmissions are encrypted and recording doesn’t stop in a power outage.

Remote Access
Footage can easily be accessed via the Internet from your PC or mobile smart device.

Types of Cameras We Provide

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Dome
  • Bullet
  • IR (infrared)
  • Multi-Directional (multiple lenses)
  • PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom)
  • AI (artificial intelligence)
  • Fisheye
  • Panoramic
  • And More
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